Practice Problems - JavaScript Number Variables

It's now time for some practice problems! See below for details on how to proceed.

Course Repository & Practice Problems

All of the code for this course's practice problems can be found in this GitHub repository.

There are two options that you can use to complete the practice problems:

  • Recommended: Download the GitHub repository to your local machine and connect the appropriate JavaScript file to the index.html file. Once they're connected, you can see the effects of any changes to the JavaScript file by saving the JavaScript file and opening/refreshing the index.html file in your browser.
  • Not Recommended: Work through the practice problems in the console of your browser's developer tools.

Within that repository, there is a folder called starter-files and a folder called finished-files. You should open the appropriate practice problems within the starter-files folder and work through them after connecting the JavaScript file to index.html. Only consult the corresponding file in the finished-files folder if you get stuck.

The repository is public, which means that you can suggest changes using a pull request later in this course if you’d like.

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