In May 2020, I am attempting the “Calendar Challenge” - which means running each calendar date in miles on that date.

This means:


The COVID-19 pandemic has driven an absurd amount of people to unemployment. I am doing this as a fundraiser for freeCodeCamp, which is an excellent online tool for learning software development skills.

Online-first, self-directed resources like freeCodeCamp provide a medium for newly-unemployed people to level up their skillset and (hopefully) re-enter the workforce.

Why freeCodeCamp specifically? I originally learned to code through the freeCodeCamp curriculum and can testify to the quality of the material and its efficiency as a non-profit.

I am looking for people to sign up to donate a dollar amount for each mile completed. For context, if I complete the entire challenge (big if), it will be 465 miles. That’s a good number to benchmark your potential giving against.

One last thing - I’ve spoken with the team at freeCodeCamp, and the most fee-efficient way to donate to them is through PayPal. Use this link and change the 200 in the URL to an amount of your choice!


I will be posting daily updates about the challenge below. If you are interested in seeing specific runs, you can visit my Strava profile.